Cornbread the Comic - God has made me to laugh so all that hear will laugh with me
About Us
Kenny Lee Robinson (Cornbread the Comic) retired in 2010 from the Virginia Department of Transportation after a 32 year career where he worked as a surveyor, construction manager, budget analyst, residency administrator.  He still works as a construction consultant for government agencies.
Kenny has previously served on the Leadership Team at Community Fellowship Church in Waynesboro, VA.  He has also served as a deacon/Sunday School teacher at Fellowship Chapel in Bristol, VA and on the board of trustees at Zion Family Ministries in Wise, VA.
Cornbread/Kenny Lee has performed hundreds of humorous and motivational speeches at churches, civic groups, corporate and government meetings over the past 15 years. 
Kenny is also an actor and stand up comic.  He has appeared at comedy clubs in Maryland, Virginia, DC and Florida.
He has been a lead actor at the Virginia State Outdoor Drama for two summer seasons. 

Kenny also has gotten involved in independent Christian and family values films as an associate and/or executive producer... Working with several film makers and comedians including Candy Beard, Robert G Lee, Marty Simpson, Thor Ramsey and Christopher Shawn Shaw...
Kenny Lee worked as a newscaster/newswriter for WNRN-FM radio.

Kenny has several motivational presentations including:
  • EXTRA-ordinary People
  • How? Now! Wow! Vow?
  • Gaps, Laps, Maps & Traps
  • Write Your Own Success Story
  • Achieving Balance in Work & Life


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